Odia Current Affairs MCQ SET-1

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Odia Current Affairs MCQ SET-1

In this Article we share Some Important Odia Current Affairs questions Which help to your all Competitive exam.

Odia Current Affairs MCQ pdf

What day of the world does Parents celebrate, the day they praise the number of parents and the number of parents they make for their children?
A. May 25
B. May 28
C. June 1
D. May 29
E. May 31
Answer: C
2. The Central Government has announced a _________ crore interest subsidy for small businesses and the cottage industry under the Currency Child Loan.
A. 1300
B. 1500
C. 1000
D. 1200
E. 800
Answer: b
3. Name the video blogging competition launched by PM Modi on the way
A. Yoga is alive
B. My addition
C. Simple addition
D. Add 5 minutes
E. Jeevan Yoga
Answer: e
4. Which organization has launched the ‘COVID-19 Technology Access Pool’ for equality for life-saving tech?
A: Medical Mobile
C. Red Cross
D. Sans-frontieres
E. Partner in health
Answer: b
5. To which country has the UNSC increased its arms embargo by May 2021?
A: Morocco
B. Tanzania
C. South Sudan
D. North Korea
E. Iran
Answer: C
6. Who is the head of the Advisory Committee on Rebuilding Stitches on Service Providers to provide professional assistance on IBB-led service provider regulations and development?
A: Sameer Sharma
B. Krishna Kulkarni
C. Bimal Patel
D. Chinna Rajendran
E. Mohandas Pai
Answer: e

7. Which bank has partnered with Walo Law Launch to bring an unsolicited card for bus passengers?
C. Yes Bank
Answer: C

8. The Institute of Small Business and Development (ISED) has developed a special platform for Covid19-affected MSME to expand its advisory services to which of the following states?
A. Haryana
B Himachal Pradesh
C. Punjab
D. Kerala
E. Madhya Pradesh
Answer: d
9. Which of the following is the Deputy Managing Director of Exx Bank? Accepted?
A: Anandi Mishra
B Harsh Bangari
C. Sudarshan Kumari
D. Nalin Sharma
E. Aruna Mehta
Answer: b
10. Which of the following researchers won the 2020 Sigma Mode Contribution Award?
A: Philip Bonnet
B. Juliana Freier
C. Martin Kersten
D. Stefan Manegold
E. Peter Boncz
Answer: d
11. What is the theme of World Milk Day, which is celebrated every year on June 1?
A: Strengthen your drinking habits
B. 20th Anniversary of World Milk Day
C. Milk in our lives
D. Lift a glass
E. Drink milk: today and every day
Answer: b
12. Name the Delhi-based NGO that has been awarded the World No Tobacco Day 2020 Award.
A. YoungOnes
B. Seeds of the Future
C. Seed
E. Give
Answer: C
13. International Sex Workers Day is celebrated every year What day are sex workers honored and their exploits are often exploited?
A: June 4
B. June 5
C. June 2
D. June 1
E. June 7
Answer: C
14. Which company has developed a disinfection unit called Ultra Achch to disinfect PPE, electronic items, textiles and other materials?
Answer: d
15. Which state aims to provide tap connections to all rural families by December 2022?
A. Punjab
B. Meghalaya
C. Haryana
D. Uttar Pradesh
E. Assam
Answer: b
16. Which of the following has launched the tech platform “CHAMPIONS” for MSME?
A. Smriti Irani
B Amit Shah
C. Nitin Gadkari
D. Piyush Goyal
E. Narendra Modi
Answer: e
17. Name the scheme initiated by the Prime Minister
Narendra Modi to provide affordable loans to road vendors amidst COVID-19 crisis.
A. PM swarozgar Yojana
B. PM SVANidhi
C. PM Nidhi
D. PM Street Sales Plan
E. AtmaNirbharNidhi
Answer: b
18. Which mobile company has partnered with T-Hub to support India’s startup ecosystem and AI, 5G, battery and image processing?
A: Samsung
B. Nokia
Answer: C
19. Which cyclothon developed off the east coast of India and is likely to arrive in Maharashtra and Gujarat on June 3?
A. Gaza
B. Vayu
C. Amphan
D. Phailin
E. Nisarga
Answer: e
20. Which of the following has been nominated for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award by the Boxing Federation of India?
A. Little Red Yadav and Vikas Krishna
B. Amit Pangal and Vikas Krishna
C. Mohammad Ali Kamar and Little Lal Yadav
D Manish Kashshik and Vikas Krishna
E. Lovlina Borgohain and Simranjit Kaur
Answer: b
21. Name the e-learning platform launched by The Sports Authority of India to provide an online coaching program for grassroots level.
A: Go to India online
B Play India Games
C. Play India e-Prithwala
D. Play India Library
E. Khelo India Online
Answer: C
22. Wajid Khan who died at the age of 42 due to Covid-19 was a famous _______.
A. Director
B hockey players
C. Singer
D. Author
E. Music composition
Answer: e
23. On what date is Telangana Formation Day celebrated for the formation of the state?
A: June 4
B. June 5
C. June 3
D. June 2
E. June 1st
Answer: d

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