General Knowledge short questions 2020 PDF

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General Knowledge short questions 2020 PDF

1) What day of Antodaya Day has been celebrated since 2014 to celebrate the birth anniversary of the ancient Bharat Jan Sang and BJP icon Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay?
A) September 21
B) September 25
C) September 23
D) September 20
E) September 24
Ans- B
2) Which bank has introduced non-contact charges for public bus transportation services, especially in India, for public transport?
A) Vrindavan Bank
B) Capital Local
C) Equity Small Finance Bank
D) Paytm
E) Fino Payments Bank
Ans- E
3) According to the latest QS Global MBA Ranking 2021, which institution was the top rated Indian B-school?
A) IIT Madras
B) IIT Delhi
C) IIM Ahmedabad
D) IIM Calcutta
E) IIM Bangalore
Ans- C
4) Which of the following government schemes has completed three years since its inception?
A) India Mission
B) Make in India
C) The main mantra is the Jan Dhan Yojana
D) Good luck
E) Pradhan Mantra Awas Yojana
Ans- E
5) Which of the following has launched a portal to test the performance of agricultural machinery?
A) Thwar Chand Gehlot
B) Narendra Singh Tomar
C) Sanjay Agrawal
D) Narendra Modi
E) Piyush Goyal
Ans- B
6) Which of the following has become the new brand ambassador of seat tires?
A) Sachin Tendulkar
B) Deepika Padukone
C) Sara Ali Khan
D) Aamir Khan
E) Virat Kohli
Ans- D
7) Which of the following institutions has signed cricketer Yuvraj Singh as its brand ambassador?
A) Career Launcher
B) Akash Institute
C) Gradeup
D) Oliver Board
E) Khan Academy
Ans- B
)) Which of the following states has received a United Nations award for its “significant contribution” to the prevention and control of infectious diseases?
A) Uttar Pradesh
B) Karnataka
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Chhattisgarh
E) Kerala
Ans- E
9) The Minister of Environment has often addressed the Minister’s Round Table Dialogue on Diversity Beyond 2020. Which of the following countries hosted it?
B) Thailand
C) China
D) Singapore
E) Myanmar
Ans- C
10) Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates an AI conference ‘RAISE 2020’ from the following dates?
A) September 29 
B) October 1
C) October 3 
D) October 5 
E) September 28 
Ans- C
11) Which of the following missiles was successfully tested by the DRDO from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Chandipur, Odisha?
A) The sky is second
B) Pruithibi II
C) Preity III
D) Fire II
E) Fire III
Ans- B
12) Which of the following organizations have researchers developed ‘MOUSHIK’ chips with the aim of serving IoT devices?
A) IIT Rourkela
B) IIT Delhi
C) IIT Madras
D) IIT Hyderabad
E) IIT Guwahati
Ans- C
13) Shekhar Basu who died of cowardice in 68 is a famous __________.
A) Singer
B) Producer
C) author
D) Actor
E) Nuclear scientist
Ans- E
14) What day is World Environment Health Day celebrated every year?
A) September 23
B) September 22
C) September 26
D) September 24 
E) September 25 
Ans- E
15) Which of the following states will establish the first Medical Device Park, Med Spark?
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Karnataka
D) Kerala
E) Uttar Pradesh
Ans- D
16) India is doing a maritime bilateral exercise ‘JIMEX’ which is one of the following countries in the Arabian Sea?
A) Vietnam
B) Myanmar
C) Japan
D) Singapore
E) Thailand
Ans- C
17) Which of the following states and states from the following states is at the top of the recently released first annual ‘India Happiness Report’?
A) Sikkim
B) Punjab
C) Haryana
D) Mizoram
E) Andhra Pradesh
Ans- D
18) Which of the following banks has contributed to improving the quality of life of Bier to provide affordable loans?
B) Vrindavan Bank
E) Axis Bank
Ans- E
19) SBI Cap has acquired a 56.17 per cent stake in the following companies, where the company has pledged a share to get a term?
A) Sterlite Industries
B) Future home
C) CESC Limited
D) Jindal Stainless
E) CG power
Ans- D
20) According to the latest UN report, India’s economy will reach _________ per cent by 2020 under Covid-19.
A) 6.5
B) 5.9
C) 5.5
D) 4.5
E) 3.5. 3.5
Ans- B
21) Which of the following organizations has extended an agreement for the modernization of railway infrastructure and the efficient use of its scientific and scientific resources?
A) IIT Bombay
B) IIT Guwahati
C) IIT Delhi
D) IIT Madras
E) IIT Kanpur
Ans- D
22) The RBI has said that the proposed positive pay system for high-cost transactions will be implemented from ___________ and will be developed by NPCI.
A) January 31, 2021
B) February 1, 2021
C) March 31, 2021
D) January 1, 2021
E) April 1, 2021
Ans- D
23) Which of the following cities did the first library open on trams, free Wi-Fi and add-on with book events?
A) Chandigarh
B) Surat
C) Kolkata
D) Mumbai
E) Chennai
Ans- E
24) Which of the following insurers has been identified as an important domestic insurer (D-SII) by IRDAI Domestic?
A) Bajaj Alliances, LIC and GIC
B) LIC, GIC and New India Assurance
C) LIC, United India and New India Assurance
D) GIC, United India and LIC
E) LIC, New India Assurance and Bajaj Alliances
Ans- B

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