General Knowledge MCQ 2020 In Odia

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General Knowledge MCQ 2020 In Odia

1. Which among the following day is celebrated as a day of peace and sharing?
A) International Women’s Day
B) National Unity Day
C) National Non-Violence Day
D) International Girl Child Day
E) Global Family Day
Answer: E
2. The UIDAI has planned to set up ___________ Aadhar Seva Kendras in 53 cities across the country.
A) 116
B) 119
C) 114
D) 112
E) 115
Answer: C
3. The government has launched a web portal ‘CEIR’ to bloc stolen, lost mobile phones. It was launched in which place?
A) New Delhi
B) Mumbai
C) Chennai
D) Noida
E) Guwahati
Answer: A
4. The Election Commission launched a Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System . The Chief Election Commission was formed in which year?
A) 1965
B) 1950
C) 1947
D) 1956
E) 1960
Answer: B
5. The National Green Crops scheme has been revived for Jammu and Kashmir recently. The government has approved the release of Grant-in-Aid of ____________
Crore to J & K PCB.
A) 2.6 Crore
B) 1.5 Crore
C) 2.9 Crore
D) 3.2 Crore
E) 3.6 Crore
Answer: A
6. One of the world’s best diving destinations has banned ‘reef-toxic’ sunscreen recently. Name the nation.
A) Egypt
B) Australia
D) Palau
E) Indonesia
Answer: D
7. Which country has secured second place with 46299 births on New Year’s Day according to UNICEF?
A) India
B) China
C) Pakistan
E) Ethiopia
Answer: B
8. The Reserve Bank of India has launched a mobile app ‘MANI’ to help visually challenged people to identify
A) Fake currency Notes
B) Denomination of Currency Notes
C) Counting of Currency Notes
D) Old Currency Notes
E) All the above
Ans – B
9. During December 2019, which state/UT has recorded more than two-fold jump in GST collection to ₹ 58 Crore?
A) Nagaland
B) Mizoram
C) Arunachal Pradesh
D) Delhi
E) Lakshadweep
Answer: C
10. Recently, Flipkart has partnered with DAY-NULM to empower MSMEs. What is the allowed FDI limit in B2B ecommerce?
A) 26%
B) 49%
C) 74%
D) 100%
E) 50%
Answer: D
11. The FSSAI has launched the ‘Verified Milk Vendors Scheme’ in Gujarat. Which among the following is the parent agency of FSSAI?
A) Ministry of Food Processing Industries
B) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
C) Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
D) Ministry of Consumer Affairs
E) Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Answer: B
12. An 11 day long ‘Dhanu Jatra’ was celebrated in western Odisha. The department of Culture of GoI has accorded National Festival status to Dhanu Jatra in which year?
A) 2013
B) 2014
C) 2015
D) 2012
E) 2016
Answer: B
13. The e-certificate project was launched by Odisha state government as a part of which model of governance?
A) 5T
B) 2T
C) 3T
D) 4T
E) None of the above
Answer: A
14. Who among the following has launched the ‘Atal Canteen’ in Karnal?
A) Narendra Modi
B) Manohar Lal Khattar
C) Venkaiah Naidu
D) Yogi Adityanath
E) Both A) and B)
Answer: B
15. Which state government has become the first state to pass Anti-CAA Resolution?
A) West Bengal
B) Maharashtra
C) Bihar
D) Kerala
E) Uttarakhand
Answer: D
16. The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has planned to conduct the Asiatic Lion Census in May 2020. Where is the headquarters of WII located?
A) New Delhi
B) Guwahati
C) Dehradun
D) Bhopal
E) Imphal
Answer: C




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